Why do businesses spend money on accounting?

Answer Businesses spend money on accounting for a number of reasons. Not only does it help with the internal structure and management of the company, but it is also provides useful information for potenti... Read More »

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How much do businesses spend on advertising each year?

Typical advertising costs for retail businesses range from less than 1 percent up to 10 percent of their sale profits. For example, according to Business Week, Wal-Mart spends around .4 percent but... Read More »

Reasons Businesses Use Accounting Software?

In modern economies, organizations must implement sound operating procedures, controls and methodologies to run economically and socially successful businesses. Corporate leadership typically puts ... Read More »

Tutorial on Basic Accounting for Small Businesses?

Small business owners need to have a good grasp of basic accounting principles. Naturally, the small business owner will not have time to get an in-depth education as to how accounting works, but ... Read More »

How much do small businesses spend on Yellow Pages advertising?

The price of advertising in the Yellow Pages can vary greatly depending on the size of the advertisement and the publication in which the advertisement is placed. The cost of the advertisement can ... Read More »