Why do buses have no seat belts?

Answer United States law requires people riding in motor vehicles to wear seat belts. Buses are an exception to this law; most do not have seat belts.Federal RequirementsThe National Highway Transportatio... Read More »

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Why dont Buses have seat belts?

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Why don't school buses have seat belts?

I just answered this one last night.Now, do you want an answer from someone who knows what he's talking about? I've answered this one countless times.1. Small school buses having a Gross Vehicle We... Read More »

Is there a reason school buses do NOT have seat belts?

I have 5 kids in school and, of course, I care about their safety on buses, so this is a topic and question that I have researched thoroughly over the past 6 months. Here is what I have found...Eve... Read More »

Why are there no seat belts on buses?

Buses are designed to protect passengers through passive safety features integrated into their designs, such as high seat backs, energy-absorbing materials and strong seat anchors.ReasonsWhile car ... Read More »