Why do bulls have horns?

Answer Although most bulls have horns, they are often removed early in their development. As horns are designed for protection, a bull is likely to gore anything that threatens him. This makes horned anim... Read More »

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Pit Bulls and Allergies?

The pit bull includes many breeds such as the American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, English bull terrier, American bull dog and boxer. Pit bulls can suffer from allergies cause... Read More »

Are jersey bulls mean?

On One Hand: Breeders Know CharacteristicsBulls may be one of the most dangerous domestic animals, according to Purdue University professor Jack Albright. Jersey bulls are known for having the leas... Read More »

How to Make a Bulls Eye Egg?

It's surprising that one simple dish can have so many colorful names. Whether you call it a bulls eye egg, toad in a hole, Rocky Mountain toast or a bird's nest, this tasty breakfast combines two b... Read More »

Are you a fan of the Red Bulls energy drinks.?

Yes but I can't drink them because I'm diabetic