Your friends parents are alcoholics and they get really angry at her when they are drunk how can you help her?

Answer You can speak to her about the situation, and see how she feels about it. If they abuse her (physically or mentally) often, and this has an effect on her; she can speak to AA (alcoholics anonymous)... Read More »

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When parents get angry are they allowed to hit you?

No technically they are not. You are allowed to report such an act and it will be considered child abuse. Prosecution and charges are possible if felt necessary and the person hit was a minor. If y... Read More »

Why do meat eaters get so angry when you ask them why they eat meat?

a vegetarian/vegan diet is a heathier one than a meat eating diet, even my doctor fully approves my vegan diet!i think meat eaters get angrier when asked about their diet because they know(or shoul... Read More »

What year did Milton Bradley make Tiddly Winks Bulls Eye in color?

Milton Bradley made dozens of Tiddly Winks games during the first half of the 20th century, including a jumbo version and sets that featured six types of games. However, Bulls Eye Tiddly Winks were... Read More »

Where do they sell angry birds?

They sell some Angry Birds at Walmart. If you don't want to support Walmart, Rock America sells a lot of Angry Birds t-shirts in their stores and online