Why do bullies think it is fun to bully other kids?

Answer they think its fun to bully others because they think that making some one feel bad makes them feel good, like when you win a game you decide to brag about it, or when you win an argument that's wh... Read More »

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BB Bully-gate: Do you think that Lisa BULLIES Half-wit...?

yes she does lol he tries to stand up to her but she shouts him down ,noticed only the highlight show how they cut out charlie also having a go at halfwit

How do other countries deal with cyber bullies?

i would say their is probaly only one way to stop it. idk what tht is

Why do you think bullies pick the people they do as victims?

they are probably jelous or the person is easy to get to

Can animals bully each other?

Yes, they fight over territory would be one example.