Why do bullies make fun of others?

Answer race, appearance, family, family status, financial position, religion, friends they hang out with, social economical status

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How to Make Bullies Leave You Alone?

You're walking home. That big guy/girl's behind you again. They've cracked their knuckles. The tips below will teach you how to repel bullies without physically fighting.

How to Get Over the Ex Who Bullies You?

Have you ever had a male ex who just won't quit and spreads rumours about you to his friends and turns everyone against you? If so, these tips will help you to truly get over him and help you move on.

Do you like bullies?

without them the environment would be to safe, and when you enter the real world like, well man your going to have some problems. Also some people wouldn't have someone to blame all their troubles ... Read More »

How to Get Away from Bullies?

Bullies can harm you emotionally and possibly physically. If you are being bullied or know someone who is, read this article to learn how to get rid of bullies.