Why do bullies make fun of others?

Answer race, appearance, family, family status, financial position, religion, friends they hang out with, social economical status

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How female were affected from others bullies?

It is important that all children have a right to speak up for what their personal beliefs are. An example of this is of child abuse or sexual harassment. If the children do not speak up then how w... Read More »

How to Make Bullies Leave You Alone?

You're walking home. That big guy/girl's behind you again. They've cracked their knuckles. The tips below will teach you how to repel bullies without physically fighting.

Why should bullies not be bullies?

Bullys shouldn't be bullies, because every time they bully they hurt someone else. Like for instince, if they said something like "your ugly" to someone, even if its not true that night they could ... Read More »

How to Make Your Company Newsworthy (and Make Others Think So Too!)?

Many company owners believe that just because they have a great idea or like something that everyone will automatically want to hear about it. Unfortunately this isn’t how public relations works ... Read More »