Why do bugs bite certain people and not others?

Answer When I lived in Florida I discovered that the mosquitoes were attracted to my perfume, hair spray and scented deodorant. When I was going to be outside I wore unscented deodorant and did not wear h... Read More »

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Do dust mites bite I sometimes feel like tiny bugs bite me, but I can't see anything What are they?

Usually mites that bite birds usually bite people, chiggers also do. Scabie mites are also notorious for infesting humans. The difficulty in determining what is biting is that all of these are so... Read More »

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs are small parasites belonging to the Cimicidae insect family. They may reside within human living spaces. They are generally tan to reddish-brown in color and oval-shaped. Adults measure a... Read More »

Where do bed bugs bite?

Bed bugs bite any exposed areas of skin. The face, hands, arms and neck are the most common sites for bed bug bites. Bites are not painful and go unnoticed by some people, but redness, itching and ... Read More »

Do bed bugs bite during the day?

Bed bugs are typically nocturnal creatures. They feed on human blood, and their preferred feeding time is just before sunrise, but they can bite anytime during the day. They bite while their hosts ... Read More »