Why do brits have poor dental hygiene?

Answer That's the funniest question I have seen on here to date!!!LOL soooooooo true!Of course, not ALL brits have poor dental hygiene... just compared to most western countries they do(We're not included... Read More »

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If I buy bacon-flavored dental floss, will my dentist think I'm not taking dental hygiene seriously?

I think flossing with a meat-based product is a great idea.John Candy was know for eating bacon at every meal, and as far as I know, he had great oral hygiene. I don’t think that's a coincidence... Read More »

Differences in Dental Hygiene & Dental Schools?

A variety of programs prepare students for a career in dental health. Before choosing a school, understand the differences between dental hygiene programs and dental school. Think about your career... Read More »

How to Confront Others About Their Poor Hygiene?

Confronting others about their poor hygiene is no easy social task, but the problem can be resolved by following a few simple steps.Sometimes a person's personal hygiene is not good enough. If they... Read More »

Yellow teeth and poor hygiene?

Brush your teeth more regularly with a conventional toothbrush , electric tooth brush will hurt your gum on the long run. teeth whitening might be expensive so if you start brushing your teeth agai... Read More »