Why do brides wear veils?

Answer Veils have been used to symbolize many things throughout history and cultures. Brides wear veils for various reasons including traditional, religious or fashion.HistoryRoman brides wore red veils t... Read More »

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Hairstyles for Brides With Veils?

Your wedding day should be the most magical day of your life. Your dress must highlight your figure, your makeup must be flawless, and your hair soft and sexy. If a veil is part of your wedding day... Read More »

Why do Iranian women wear veils?

According to the Islam for Today website, the veil or hijab is a symbol of the religion of Islam. Islam for Today reports many Islamic countries do not require women to wear a veil, but the majorit... Read More »

Do Jewish women have to wear veils?

Tznius, or tzniut, which translates to "modesty," is the basic rule governing Orthodox Jewish women's dress. According to Jewish law, women must cover most of the torso and limbs. Married women mus... Read More »

Why do brides wear white dresses?

White is the most popular color for wedding gowns in Western culture. In the 19th century, wearing white gained popularity and became the standard of correctness in traditional bridal apparel in th... Read More »