BOYS!! Role Reversed Boys have periods?

Answer I asked my boyfriend this, and he said there is no way in hell. Just the period would be enough to make him sick, lol.

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You have six children (3 girls and 3 boys) and you have to name them using these names?

Not following my rule of naming kids names that have v's in them all of this time.Ivy Amelia- That is my daughters name! I kind of have to put it down. Violet Jane- This name may be one of my twins... Read More »

Why do girls have have babies and boys don't?

Girls have the eggs and the boys have the sperm. Girls are designed for it and boys aren't. Because that's the way we have evolved.

To parents who have boys?

My family is ALL GIRLS. When I found out I was having a boy, I almost died! I remember thinking, “What? A boy? What do I do?” My husband was thrilled beyond belief!When I told my family of 5 gi... Read More »

How to Have a Fun Boys Sleepover?

Boys can have sleepovers too, girls! Here is how have fun at a sleepover, for boys!