Most boys at my daughter's school walk around with their boners coming out the top of their jeans. Is that bad?

Answer No not bad, but you did remind me of an old boyfriend.

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Which guys from The Wanted have girlfriends and what are their girlfriend's names?

Tom Parker has a girlfriend. And his girlfriend's name is Kelsey Hardwick. and the other member named Siva Kaneswaran has a girlfriend called Nareesha McCaffrey. the rest are single. x

Why do military wives cheat on their husbands?

They cheat because the lack of emotional support. Most of military men that i know have a hard time showing emotions expressing their feelings and they find it hard to say I love you and I need you... Read More »

Are their cheat codes for ESPN X games skateboarding?

What age boys reach their optimum height?

It varies greatly between boys. Some might reach their adult height at age 10 and for some it could be 16 or 17 and older! But for the most part boys reach their adult height by ages 14-16.