Why do boys call girls baby?

Answer cuz they fell that they are responseble 2 them

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What is the difference between gerbil baby boys and baby girls?

Baby gerbils boys and girls are a bit like us humans. We all look different don't we? The boy gerbils have a larger rear end that sticks out a bit from behind where as girl gerbils have a smaller a... Read More »

Baby Names for boys and Girls?

for a girl:graceamelialibertyfrancescialydiamayaprilkellyelliegeorgiakeyleighkatroxy morganmeganbeckyzoerosyginnyantoinettelaurenlynseyyvettekeeleydonnasummercaseyfrandemiloufor a boy:connellconnor... Read More »

How to Tell if Baby Hamsters Are Boys or Girls?

Determining the sex of baby hamsters can be challenging because they have not sexually matured. Adult males usually exhibit large testicles, the presence or absence of which make sex clear, but thi... Read More »

How are baby boys different then baby girls?

they are different because there middle parts