Would it break your heart if your a-child found his nfamily....?

Answer I think you have to consider that there are some a-parents who prefer international adoption because they won't have to deal with the n-family.

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When your kid(s), get older, what is the one thing/things he/she could do to break your heart?

To break my heart?Give up and settle.Not finish their education.I.V. and other hard drug using.Sex Industry.A Stepford Wife.An Abused Wife.Have a child before they are ready to.My girls are 16 (nex... Read More »

Did anyone ever break your heart?

Well, I don't know if this is the sort of heartbreak you are referring to, but since it's being asked in health I suppose this answer might still be appropriate.One time, during intensive chemo tre... Read More »

MJ Fans!!!......Doesn't this just break your heart :( xx?

i was coming home on the bus from work the day he died some one had a cell phone they said m.j. had just died you could of head a pin drop when the bus stop i race into my home like i really could... Read More »

Did Paris Jackson speaking break your heart as much as it did mine?

Yes, I was fine until she spoke then I started bawling. Some people seems to forget that MJ is someones daddy. I could feel her pain.