Why do bougainvilleas shed their flowers?

Answer Are you sure they are shedding flowers ? Many people don't realise that the flowers on a bougainvillea are not at all conspicuous. They are very, very pale yellow in colour, trumpet shaped, and ver... Read More »

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Do my bougainvilleas need a trellis?

Bougainvilleas do not need a trellis; they can be grown in large containers or baskets as well. This plant is known as a scrambler, which has vinelike stems. However, a bougainvillea will not attac... Read More »

Do bougainvilleas need a trellis?

Bougainvilleas do not require a trellis; however, you can train it to cover a trellis as a decorative accent. Landscapers and gardeners also use it in hanging baskets and other containers, against... Read More »

How to Grow Bougainvilleas and Color Leaves from Slips?

Color leaves, also known as Crotons, and bougainvilleas are relatively easy to grow from slips. Watching a plant grow from birth, is therapeutic and rewarding, knowing that you were responsible for... Read More »

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