For the black men, Why do dark skinned women have to compete so hard with light skinned women?

Answer First and foremost I am not a Black Man but I am a dark-skinned women and this is what I think of it. I think its mind over matter. As a dark-skinned women, I have learned that its really not a com... Read More »

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Is there a particular reason why our asses have to hang out of the provided gowns at the hospital?

you let me know those visiting hours honey...;-)

Black women?

My stylist (black lady) said, " ah-ah you got black peoples hair..."so this should give you an idea of why I know these things....and no I'm not gay, but I like to manage and take care of my hair, ... Read More »

How many black women are in the airforce?

Up front, this is at best a guess: the US Army used to permit blousing of BDU pants, however in the '80's an order came down prohibiting the practice. The explanation given was that blousing precip... Read More »

Different Hairstyles for Black Women?

African-American women have beautiful hair. From a natural 'fro to long locks, there are many styles that compliment black women. Knowing what style works best can often depend on the current hairs... Read More »