Why do black people have "bad" hair?

Answer Okay firstly your question sounds slightly racist! But Africans have curly/ kinky hair (if that's what you mean) because genetically they are born that way. Because evolutionarily, it was a benefit... Read More »

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Why do Black people have nappy hair?

You are being too stereotypical. I'm African-American and have soft, manageable hair and know of several other African-American with "good" hair.

Can black people have long straight hair?

Your girlfriend is very wrong. Black people can and do have long hair. The problem with short hair in the black community is that so many of us use caustic chemicals or burn our hair to get it stra... Read More »

Do all black people have some type of curly hair?

After you wash your hair, leave the conditioner in (finger comb to distribute). Wet a wash cloth and put it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds until hot, put it on top of your hair and put a plasti... Read More »

I have greasy hair in the morning?

You could always try dry shampoo in the morning.Don't condition your hair. Also in the holidays you could try a hair detox kind of thing where you just stop washing it for a bit (make sure you're n... Read More »