Why do birds not get fried when they land on power cables?

Answer i dont think this is the right catagory but theres not really a catagory for where to put itthey dont die because there not grounded the electricity passes through them and continues down the lineb... Read More »

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On Russian roulette on gsn what do they land on when they fall?

I read that they fall 6 feet into a thickly padded room.

How old are baby blue birds when they fly?

Baby bluebirds will be between 18 and 21 days old before they can fledge, which means at this age, they are able to fly and leave their nest. Three species of bluebirds occur in North America---the... Read More »

Why don't birds get electrocuted when they sit on pylons?

Because they are not 'earthed' by touching the floor or something that is touching the floor. The voltage runs throught them but does them no harm, but if they did touch the ground at the same time... Read More »

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