Why do birds live in the canopy level?

Answer Birds frequently live in the canopy level of forests and rain forests, and there are a number of reasons as well as environmental factors and benefits that led to this behavior.NestingMany birds bu... Read More »

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Does the sloth live in the canopy?

Sloths do live in the canopy. Three-toed sloths live lower down in the canopy and eat cecropia leaves, while two-toed sloths live high up in the canopy and eat fruit and leaves.References:Mongabay.... Read More »

How to Get Three Stars on "Angry Birds" Level 1-1?

In the game "Angry Birds" by Rovio, you must slingshot birds with angry faces into delicately balanced forts built by pigs. In the game, the pigs have stolen the birds' eggs, hence their anger. The... Read More »

How do you get past level 3-6 on Angry Birds?

Make a high loop on the first yellow bird then make a good timing on hitting the wood. Apply speed non the yellow bird until it reaches the first smaller pigs until it crashes into the rest of the ... Read More »

Where do perching birds live?

Perching birds, also known as Passerines, live in many types of climates---including dry, wet, mild and tropical locations. They can be found in grasslands, urban environments, forests, deserts and... Read More »