Why do birds keep running into my windows on my house&dying?

Answer The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintains that plate glass kills between 100 million and 1 billion birds every year, making it the top human-associated factor in bird deaths today. Both private ... Read More »

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Why do birds peck at windows?

Birds peck at windows for practical reasons like food, reflections and territory. In some cases, there is no obvious reason for their pecking and they stop it as quickly as they began.Deadly Collis... Read More »

How can I prevent birds flying into my windows?

There is a product called Window alert static clings. They are translucent maple leaf shaped decals that create a frosted glass appearance to us, but to birds who used UV light-they are a clear wa... Read More »

How to Get Birds to Stop Flying Into Your Windows?

Windows pose a serious hazard to curious birds. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, approximately 100 million birds are killed every year due to collisions with windows. Knowing how to sto... Read More »

How to Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows?

Many small birds, including cardinals and robins, are so territorial that they're fly straight into a glass window, thinking they're driving their own reflection away. This is a particular problem ... Read More »