Animals That Chirp Besides Birds?

Answer When you hear a chirping noise outside or inside your home, you may be surprised to discover it could be something other than a bird. There are many different species on the planet that chirp besid... Read More »

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How to Turn Off the Chirp on a Motorola XTS 2500?

The Motorola XTS 2500 is a digital portable communication radio that has various types of tones to alert the user about issues or changes to the radio's normal operation. A short-length, high-pitch... Read More »

Do mother birds kill baby birds if handled by humans?

It is a myth that mother birds kill their young if humans touch them. Birds have a very poor sense of smell and cannot distinguish a human smell. Also, mother birds have a very strong protective in... Read More »

Why Do Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Chirp?

A smoke detector may be the single most important safety feature in your home. A properly working smoke detector will alert residents to the presence of smoke that can indicate a fire. The smoke de... Read More »

Do birds eat dead baby birds of different species?

Many species of birds--such as crows, ravens and vultures--eat carrion, or dead animals. These birds will eat any dead animal, including dead baby birds of different species, that make an easy meal... Read More »