Why do batteries explode or leak when you leave them plugged in for a long time?

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If I leave my batteries in the charger all day will I explode?

Rechargeable batteries lose their effiency for storing power over time, so leaving them charging when they are fully charged will maintain the reduction in their efficiency. Nothing will blow up, b... Read More »

I bought 8 new mascaras yesterday will they dry out if i leave them untouched for a long time?

As long as the lids are on they shouldn't dry out. But if they do happen to become too try, add a few drops of a basic eye drop. It'll make it the right consistency again. Good luck

Can i leave my external hard drive plugged in all the time?

An external hard drive can be left plugged in to both your computer and the wall at all times, and can be used just as if it was an internal hard drive. Much like your computer, it is advisable to ... Read More »

Do batteries last longer when you let them die before you charge them again?

I've been a TV broadcast engineer working with portable news equipment since the 1970's. For consumers, the 'charge memory' has been pretty much a myth. It's true enough, but under very limited c... Read More »