Why do bats hang upside down when at rest?

Answer Not every kind of bat hangs upside down to sleep; some rest in a flat position in horizontal crevices. But the majority of bat species, which hunt at night and rest during the day, roost in an upsi... Read More »

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When do you hang the u.s. flag upside down?

The U.S. flag hung upside down is a sign of distress when U.S. citizens are in extreme danger to their lives or their property, according to the Flag Code approved by Congress. When hung upside dow... Read More »

How long can one hang upside down?

No medical studies have arrived at the maximum theoretical time limit for hanging upside down, but according to Professor Ashley Grossman of Barts Medical School, it shouldn't be that long because ... Read More »

How long can a human hang upside down?

On One Hand: It may raise blood pressureMartica Heaner of MSN Health says hanging upside down may cause serious health risks in people with hypertension. It could increase risks of heart attack and... Read More »

How to Hang Makeup Brushes Upside Down to Dry?

A good makeup brush ensures the best application of your makeup but over time absorbs bacteria, oil and product, which can lead to break outs and clogged pores. Cleaning your brushes on a regular b... Read More »