Why do bathroom mirrors fog up?

Answer Bathroom mirrors frequently become foggy or clouded after someone takes a shower or bath, which can make applying makeup or shaving difficult later. Fortunately, this phenomenon has a simple explan... Read More »

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How do I hang bathroom mirrors?

Mark the CornersHold the mirror up to the wall in the placement that you want it. Mark where the corners will go, and take the mirror down.Apply AdhesiveCover the wall within your markings with mir... Read More »

Whats the best way to stop your mirrors steaming up in the bathroom?

Rain X that's used for car windows...You can get it at Wal-mart in automotive dept. I have heard that using car wax on mirrors will do the same but I have never used it

I want to decorate my windowless bathroom i know i could use mirrors to lighten it up is there anything else?

have lived in a house for 20 years with this problem - have tried everything from dodgy wall paper to every shade of paint you canimagine - am assuming your bathroom is tiny like mine - this is wha... Read More »

What do you use to keep shower doors and bathroom mirrors from steaming up?

Answer wash mirror with a foaming shave cream.....allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing off; Barbosal works great, don't know about the shower doors though.........maybe.