Are there any strings attached?

Answer I doubt that there are any strings attached. The only way there will be a way to violate the agreement is if you have an iPhone/iTouch, and you jailbreak it. This will void the warrenty, but it i... Read More »

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What are Query Strings?

Query strings are data that is appended to the end of a page URL. They are commonly used to hold data like page numbers or search terms or other data that isn't confidential. Unlike ViewState and h... Read More »

How to Buy Violin Strings?

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How to Put Strings on a Violin?

When you are changing a string, it can get difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Instead of paying to take it to the shop, here are some steps to quickly get the job done.

How to Box Braid With Four Strings?

A box braid is a braid that uses four strings and results in a square box-like shape. A box braid can be used to create a strong rope or, if you use flat plastic line, to create a decorative weave ... Read More »