Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My store didn't have the bagels i like!!!!!!!?

Answer Get really upset, pout, and stamp your foot! Then buy 6 different kinds of bagels so you can try them and have a substitute ready in case this ever happens again.

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I have been wearing earrings for 3 year just recently my ear holes have developed knots what should i do?

yea i had just got my ears pirecd at walmart and then thy didnt clean them so my ear got infected and i had giant knotsjust go to a store and pick up some ear care stuff but take out your earingsi... Read More »

My eye doctor told me I have a stigmata. Does that mean my eyes are going to have bloody holes in them?

May Padre Pio bless you my son.…Edit: You are forgiven my son. ;-)

Do fish have nose holes?

Fish have nostrils, but they are not used for purposes related to breathing. Instead, fish nostrils filter scents, which is necessary to hunt for food. Discerning scents also aids in navigation.So... Read More »

Does a PCB board have holes?

A PCB (printed circuit board) has holes, called vias (vertical interconnect access), to allow electrical connectivity to the two sides of the PCB. Automatic drilling machines, using tungsten drill ... Read More »