Why do babies stop breathing when they cry?

Answer babies lungs are small so when they cry they are letting out air, allowing them to not breathe while crying .

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How can i make my husband stop snoring without making him stop breathing?

first try the nose strips.then send im to s a sleep specialist. some people have bad sleep apnea, and they have to wear a special mask.that will work for sure, but you have to go to a sleep doc.sle... Read More »

Why would babies chest be going inward instead or outward when breathing?

Answer babies breathe the same as everybody else just at a faster rate, they are supposed to breathe in and out

Do babies conceived from incest have a higher chance of lung and breathing problems?

They can if the parent involved in the incest is carrying genes for lung and breathing problems. Then if the child gets those genes twice (once from the parent and once from the child involved in t... Read More »

When a person dies of cancer, what makes the heart stop beating, and the person stop breathing?

I'm an MD - cancer specialist for 20 years (now retired), so I've seen the deaths of many of my patients with advanced cancers - - been there at the bedside. The body just seems overwhelmed in th... Read More »