Why do babies need more sleep than adults?

Answer cuz there YOUNGER!

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Can adults catch colds from babies?

"There are three times in your life when you get sick a lot. When you are a child, when you have children and when you have grand children." Yes - definitely.

Why Babies and older adults are more susceptible to infections?

Babies immune systems are not fully developed until they are about 1and half. Older people's immune systems are beginning to lose their effectiveness because their immune system is beginning to bre... Read More »

Why do people think that circumcision hurts more for adults than for babies?

Great question and thanks for posting. I 100% agree with you. The problem is, adults can state if they are in any pain and can also give informed consent to the procedure- babies can't. As I have s... Read More »

Do babies sleep better when they eat more during the day?

There is no proof that a baby sleeps better when he eats more during the day. From birth to approximately four months of age, an infant requires feedings of breast milk or formula around every thre... Read More »