Why do babies need a good diet?

Answer Babies have low immune systems, so they need a good diet or breastmilk, or if you can't do that then formula. Their bodies arent fully developed, so they need the extra care.

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I need a good diet and workout plan Help?

search up cardio on youtube they have great videos that will help to lose weightyou should do somee jogging or running alsodo these both combined about 3-4 times a week because your young as you ge... Read More »

I need to loose 2 stone. Please give me a good exercise and diet plan that i can follow.?

Hi Paulina,You need to look at what you are eating and first make the adjustments there, are you cooking /eating large portions ? if so cut them down, also what are you eating. I have recently don... Read More »

Is it true diet coke or diet pepsi is not good for your bones?

Yes, but it isn't the caffeine, it's the carbon dioxide. Drink a few glasses of low-fat or non-fat milk a day instead, and maybe cut back to just one can of soda a day. Don't overdo it on the milk,... Read More »

Diet for Newborn Babies?

A baby is considered a newborn from the time she is born until she is three months old. During this time, the infant sleeps for much of the day, sometimes waking only to eat and warn parents of dir... Read More »