Why do babies like to stare at your eyes?

Answer Because babies haven't seen the world at all..especially 9-12 months as her/his vision has improved. A baby will be fascinated by anything such as other people's eyes, nose, hair, hand, things and ... Read More »

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Why do infants stare at moving fans and lights and not directly in your eyes?

Newborns can't see depth and color as well as adults do. So, your eyes are not interesting, but your hairline is because of the color-contrast. The same with fans, or moving objects. The dark again... Read More »

If you cross your eyes.....Can your eyes really get stuck like that forever?

no, there are muscles that bring your eyes back to have to hold them crosseyed, if you relax them they go right back to normal.saying theyl get stuck that way is just a way for moms to k... Read More »

How many girls like it when guys stare at ur chest and drool?

Some girls seek it by having their boobs almost hanging totally out. They deserve it. But when you're wearing a tshirt and minding your own business and some guy's eyeline is religiously stuck to y... Read More »

Do you like Blue eyes, Green eyes, or Brown Eyes better ...Why?

I have no preference. I'ts what is inside that counts.