Why do babies got singned up for adoption?

Answer Maybe their parents' were too young to have a baby; couldn't take care of them; couldn't support them.

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Why do teens put babies up for adoption?

Because...there teens....they have to go to school or work..its either there parents take care of the baby or adoption =P

How big is the demand for the adoption of American babies?

According to the Virginia-based National Council for Adoption, about 20,000 domestic infant adoptions occur annually, which is more than the annual number of international adoptions. Barbara Melos... Read More »

How many babies are put up for adoption each day?

firstly all i want to say is that isn't really a very nice question to ask people but ill tell you why ...... when most kids are born most parents are either to scared or they might die or they hav... Read More »

Will two or more adoption financial assistance organizations work together on one adoption case so that all of the adoption costs are covered or is help limited to aid from one company per adoption?

No, you can only use one agency per adoption and I would recommend you do so.There are banks, however, that will work with the financial assistance organizations and can provide you low or no inter... Read More »