Why do babies get hiccups so much?

Answer It appears there are only laws governing this in the states of Maryland and Illinois, however, Virginia does post guidelines for this as well as requirements that take into consideration the mental... Read More »

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Do babies get hiccups?

Babies do get hiccups. In fact, infants tend to get hiccups quite frequently. Hiccuping is a reflex, and a baby can experience this reflex even before birth. A fetus can hiccup in the womb at about... Read More »

How much are Ty Beanie Babies?

Ty Beanie Babies are collectible items designed as small animals, stuffed with plastic pellets. They are a mixture of a bean bag and a stuffed animal. They have become a popular auction item, with ... Read More »

How Much Do Babies Sleep?

New parents quickly discover that their baby's sleep patterns are very different from those of adults. Every baby has slightly different sleeping habits, from the infant who sleeps all the time--ev... Read More »

Why do babies squirm so much?

They wanna have freedom!! They also squirm so much because they are trying new things they have not learned much yet. Let them squirm but try notttt to let them squirm over on their stomachas!!!!