Why do babies cry when?

Answer Babies can't talk, and they have very little influence over their situation. About the only thing they can do when they want something to change is to cry until an adult figures out what it is that... Read More »

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When can babies see?

babies can see and who said they didn't????? well babies can't see color when their first born;they can still see!!! its like saying their cats or dogs.

If a stork brings white babies and a swan brings black babies what brings no babies?

MY mom tells me she's gana sell Me to the gay magic pet stork of Micheal jacksom

When can zebra babies run?

Zebras can walk about 20 minutes after they are born and can run approximately 60 minutes after their birth. In the wild, zebras must mature quickly in order to find food and avoid predators.Refer... Read More »

When do babies crawl?

How hast can babies crawl? -in miles per hour or meters per second?