Why do babies cry After birth?

Answer The first time seeing light (RELIEF) like God;)

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Do black babies change color after birth?

Why are babies' feces black just after birth?

Meconium is a baby's first bowel movement after birth. It is black and thick because it is a build up of material (amniotic fluid, water, etc.) that was taken in during pregnancy. The baby's bowels... Read More »

How to Compare and Contrast Weight and Height Percentiles for Babies After Birth?

You want to be sure that your little bundle is growing at the right rate in a healthy way. In the early years, doctors use height and weight charts to track your baby's growth. These reflect the wi... Read More »

What happens to twin stillborn babies and the mother directly after birth?

It is likely the babies will be wrapped up in shrouds and the parents allowed to see and hold their children if this is what they wish for. The mother will have to deliver the placenta (afterbirth)... Read More »