How do atoms bond?

Answer Atoms bond with one another by sharing electrons. Some atoms are more likely than others to form such bonds, and that's because of the number of electrons they have and the way they're arranged.Nuc... Read More »

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How many atoms can carbon bond with?

The carbon atom's outermost shell contains four electrons, so it needs a further four electrons to fill its shell. Carbon can bond with up to four other atoms, as when it bonds with four hydrogen a... Read More »

How many atoms bond with sulfur?

Sulfur can bond with six, four, three or two atoms. It bonds with six atoms in sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), four atoms in sulfur tetrafluoride (SF4), three atoms in sulfur trioxide (SO3) and two atom... Read More »

What is the rule called by which atoms bond?

The rule that describes the way atoms behave when they bond is the octet rule. The octet rule states that atoms will seek bonds that result in a total of eight electrons on the atom's outer shell. ... Read More »

How many hydrogen atoms could bond with oxygen?

The maximum number of hydrogen atoms that can bond with an oxygen atom is 8. This is because both types of chemical bonds (covalent bonds and ionic bonds) are limited by the number of electrons tha... Read More »