Why do athletes take steroids?

Answer Athletes have been using steroids for decades to enhance performance and help build muscle, according to the University of Minnesota. Steroid cannot be legally obtained without a doctor's prescript... Read More »

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Is it the law to test all gold medalist athletes for steroids?

The International Olympic Committee sets rules for drug testing at the Olympics. All participating athletes are subject to testing for banned substances both before, during and after the Olympics. ... Read More »

Why do athletes use hgh?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a drug that has grown popular in recent times by both athletes as well as regular individuals. In recent times many pro athletes have tested positive, or been implica... Read More »

How to Buy Gifts for Athletes?

Have you ever been invited to an athletic persons birthday party? Or did you ever want to gift someone very athletic. Well in this article I will unlock the secrets of of athletes brain. No more wi... Read More »

How do u get rid of athletes foot?

Athlete's Foot - Home TreatmentYou can usually treat athlete's foot (tinea pedis) yourself at home by using nonprescription medicines and taking care of your feet. However, if you have diabetes and... Read More »