Why do aspartame tastes sweetHow it acts like sugar?

Answer Sucrose is officially known as a disaccharide, meaning that it has two saccharides. One of the saccharides is a glucose molecule ad the other is a fructose molecule. When sucrose hits your tongue, ... Read More »

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Which artificial sweetener or sugar substitute tastes most like real sugar?

I wish I could find one as well and with a sweet tooth I don't think any compare to sugar.I think it is a question of getting used to one of them.Sugaryll is probably the only one I really like.

If aspartame is so bad, then we does virtually every brand of sugar free gum contain it?

Aspartame was first made as an ant killer. We use it to kill ants. We sprinkle it on ant hills and mist with water. In 2 or 3 days the ants are gone. Inside we put it in a lid with a drop of water.... Read More »

Does Jell-O sugar-free chocolate raspberry pudding have aspartame in it?

Jell-O sugar-free, dark chocolate raspberry pudding does not contain aspartame. Rather, the pudding is sweetened with xylitol and sucralose. Other ingredients include modified food starch, cocoa, m... Read More »

Who here can drink coffee black without sugar I think it's vile and tastes like aviation fuel.?