Why do animals need plants?

Answer It is virtually impossible to overstate the importance of plants. Except in a few environments---deep oceans and caves, for example---plants essentially make possible the existence of animal commun... Read More »

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What Animals Eat Plants & Animals?

An animal that eats both plants and other animals is classified as an omnivore. There are two types of omnivores; those that hunt live prey: such as herbivores and other omnivores, and those that ... Read More »

Why is it it O.K. to eat plants and not animals?

Plants have no nervous system (venus fly traps and other examples of plant moment are made using water pressure and cell growth.) They also have no brain. Therefore they cannot feel pain or fear l... Read More »

Are plants animals?

Plants are not animals. Animals move around on their own, make vocal noises and search for their food. Plants cannot move on their own. They do not speak and they produce their own food. Animals te... Read More »

How are animals useful to plants?

An ecosystem exists in balance through the mutually beneficial relationships that exist between plants and animals. In ecological terms, plants are producers, taking energy from the sun to fuel pho... Read More »