Why do animals age faster than humans?

Answer General trends have been observed, studied and reported to explain why most animals age faster and have shorter life spans than human beings.SizeThe bigger the animal in the wild, the longer it liv... Read More »

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Why is it ok for animals to kill and eat other animals, but not humans?

I grew up eating the standard American diet... with a tropical twist that included mostly fresh fruits and sea foods. Meat and poultry were supplementary.I later became a vegetarian because I read ... Read More »

What do plants need that animals and humans don't?

Do you believe that animals are equal to humans?

1. No, I would love them the same or for diffrent reasons 2. Yes.. I would do the same if it was a human doing it to my son/daughter3. A stranger.. Just like I would chose a total stranger over my ... Read More »

Animals and Humans - Which do you care more for?