Why do american McDonald meals have more than the UK equivalent?

Answer it's really due to the tight laws of Britain regarding nutrition and health. mcdonalds was wanted banned by its own current king.

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What would be American equivalent to Pram?

We used to call them 'baby buggies' when they looked like a bassinet on wheels, but now they are 'infant travel systems,' usually called a 'stroller.'

Does mcdonald's accept american express?

Yes, McDonald's fast food restaurants in North America accept American Express as well as Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Keep in mind that this may vary overseas, as not all countries are set up to... Read More »

How old is paul McDonald from American idol?

What is the name of the currency in Canada that is equivalent to the American dollar?

Canada uses the Canadian dollar (CAD), according to MSN Money Central. The CAD began its upward climb against the U.S. Dollar in January 2009 when it hit $0.80 to the dollar, and came very close to... Read More »