Do alot of people edit and mess up articles alot on Wikipedia or is it pretty safe to look up info?

Answer Wikipedia is substantially messed up.Over on Wikipedia, I see a diversionary ploy that is gaining strength. Users of the largest encyclopedia are cautioned by Wikipedia proponents not to believe ev... Read More »

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I sweat alot and I hate it.?

Try drinking more cold water atleast 5 glasses if not more because the water that you drink is keeping your internal body cool. If that don't work, you may need to try prescription strength anti pe... Read More »

What is a band that is popular and liked by alot, but you hate/dislike?


Do alot of bad people chat online with kids.Just like the show online bad people.?

There are bad people who want to hurt children in every town/city in every county in every state of this country, and in every other country around the world. Pedophiles are like cockroaches...they... Read More »

If they can bash and hate naturally skinny people, why are plus sized people being praised?

you rock girl! seriously! im tellin you, we should have a major Y!A protest agianst this! woohoo!i agrre 100%im 5'1 and 85 lbs. and i hate being called anerexia wen i accually eat healthy(and some... Read More »