Why do all the meat eaters feel the need to answer in here and?

Answer I'm a meat eater. I've been coming here for a long time. I don't tell anyone what to eat or what not to eat. I teach. I learn. I discuss. I evolve. Often, I challenge inaccuracies and propaganda, f... Read More »

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Why do meat eaters feel the need to criticise and mock vegetarians?

I don't think that all meat eaters feel the need to criticise... But of those that do I have found that they generally fall into two camps.1. Ignorance:I tend to think of these people as little she... Read More »

Why do meat eaters not feel guilty?

You are talking about morals, Would your morals regarding animals be the same if the only drug that would save a close family member was tested on animals. Would you stand by your morals then. I th... Read More »

Am I the only one amused that meat eaters think we need to eat meat because of "canine teeth"?

Agreed. I think it is silly that people look to those biological things at all to make a decision.I see it like this: If I can lead a healthy life that does not include the pain, suffering, mutila... Read More »

Why do vegans either get annoyed by meat-eaters or feel like they have to push their plant-eating?

Because they have found something they are passionate about. I love meat. I'm passionate about it. When I find a new BBQ place or a steakhouse I like, I tell others so they can find the same meaty ... Read More »