Things that come in packs of 7?

Answer Days in a week wonders of the world years of bad luck for breaking a mirror

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Things that come in 10's?

Bowling Pins. Commandments. Fingers in a Handshake. Phone Numbers.

Is it true that the things might not come down sometimes?

Don't put any more trust in crossing protection than you would put in your toaster.Twice in my time on the railroad, I operated freight trains, moving at speed, over major highway crossings and the... Read More »

When does 10 things i hate about you season 2 come to abc family?

After I've been out in the sun and come inside where it is dark, my eyes see weird ripples and things?

It is most likely just your eyes adjusting from the brightness to the darkness. Your pupils have to open,. Ask the doctor about it the next time you are there.