How do you help a cousin who steals things lies uses things without asking has anger fits over little things is an overall jerk and doesn't pay attention in school to break their bad habits?

Answer If he doesn't understand that what he is doing you can't help him. Talk to him and try to make him understand but at the end of the day you can't change anyone unless they want to change.

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How do they know which things are good to eat?

I'm a lacto-ouvre vegetarian. I eat milk and eggs. What i use to replace my protien is eggs,wheat,whey,mycoprotien,soy and barley.

Good things to eat when you have the flu?

@ Lana, why would Zach need a special diet for a respiratory infection???Zack, eat whatever you like and include plenty of fluids.

Things that feel good?

can't you get a joint? their $5 each. pratically any household items can kill you, the best way is weed.

What are the good things about the iphone 3Gs?

It is a good phone because it is NOT a blackberry.