Why do all babies laugh with you when you talk with them baby talk?

Answer they laugh because they think you look and sound like an idiot!

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Why people talk baby talk to the elderly?

Those who talk baby talk to the elderly are under the misconception that elderly equals stupid or dim witted. The truth though, is elderly people can be just as quick witted and have a sharp mind, ... Read More »

Is it better to baby talk to your new baby, or talk to them as if they were an older child?

When I think of "baby talk" I usually think of something like "Mommy wuvs her widdle baby." I find that kind of talk extremely annoying and I don't see how mispronouncing words would help a baby. ... Read More »

Do heather and duncan like like each other cause in all the episodes they either laugh talk or hug they cuddle in number ten?

She may be the devil's child as her hair is in the shape of the devil's horns.

At what age do babies usually start to talk?

Children can understand words much earlier than they can speak them. Every child is different and there are children who can speak 50 words by 12 months and some who start speaking by 2. A child sh... Read More »