Why do all HDTV LCD's seem to look so grainy/blurry?

Answer Garbage in Garbage Out!It's all about quality of source!Before I continue I must say a few words about TV resolution!Old analog sets were 480i ... meaning 480 lines Interlaced ... ie... 240 lines i... Read More »

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Do Samsung HDTV LCDs have a PIP feature?

As of 2010, Samsung has nine LCD televisions in production with picture-in-picture, ranging in price from the $899.99 for a 40-inch LN40C630 to the $2,499.99, 60-inch LN60C630. Television specifica... Read More »

Why does HDTV seem to have more colour than real life?

Many HDTVs have a "vivid" setting in the video setup that makes the colors a little more saturated. Most stores seem to like to display them at that setting (and I think some ship that way from th... Read More »

PC dual screen; HDMI HDTV with secondary vga monitor why does the monitor look better than the hdtv?

Tv's usally only support HD formats natively. 1600x1080 is not a native HD format as far as I know, so it is probably scaling to fit which usually looks very bad. Set the HDTV to either 1920x1080p ... Read More »

I am going to buy a 32 inch HDTV for my bedroom to go with my blu ray player and i just wanted to know if Blu Ray will actually look good on this or does blu ray only look good on 40in plus?