Why do adoptive parents abuse their children?

Answer This is a rarity; not common. Lately, in the news, there was a study that found that families have behaviors in common--not just limited to gestures, phrases or rates of learning. An adopted child ... Read More »

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Open and honest communication between adoptive parents and their adoptive children?

Great question Possum!Awesome article! It sparked a beautiful conversation between DD and myself. Thank you. Open communication is something i would hope all parents strive for especially adopti... Read More »

How do adoptive parents feel about their adopted children?

Answer My Son is now 18 and I still worry and love him as much as the day he was born. And I will always consider him my son.

Adoptive Parents: We learn that we need to celebrate our adopted children's differences, but do you also...?

I think what we share with our children, adopted last year out of foster care is an inherent sense of fun. For New Years Eve we all dressed up out of the "tickle trunk", my girl was a princess, th... Read More »

Have any adopted adult children ever discovered that, once your adoptive parents died, formerly loving?

Interesting question.My extended adoptive family, all except for one aunt and uncle (well, they were actually my adad's cousins but we always thought of them as more of aunt and uncle), never reall... Read More »