Why do a lot of people site wikipedia as their "source"?

Answer Yeah, a lot of people feel that way. A lot of my professors are in love with Wikipedia and tell us to use it as much as we want, while others feel the way you do. The reason usually cited for using... Read More »

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Don't you love when people put Wikipedia as their source for answering questions on here?

As a computer scientist - and this issue has been discussed time and time again in my classes - you are right to a point. Where people can just go and put whatever they want, people do read and rep... Read More »

Why do so many use Wikipedia as source for their answers?

wont stay like that for long as wiki have come up with a new members enter details only online encyclopedia,opens in august i think cant remember the name.In australia where i am theres a radio sho... Read More »

How can people use wikipedia as a source?

They imagine it actually has correct info. They don't bother to check a primary source and just use it as a cheap shortcut to avoid having to think about answers.If I see someone quoting big chunks... Read More »

Why do people use "Wikipedia" as a reference source?

Some of you miss the point. An encyclopedia is SUPPOSED to be a source of FACT not opinion. It is NOT an encyclopedia!