Why do a lot of people site wikipedia as their "source"?

Answer Yeah, a lot of people feel that way. A lot of my professors are in love with Wikipedia and tell us to use it as much as we want, while others feel the way you do. The reason usually cited for using... Read More »

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Why do people on here use as a source?

Ill be honest. . .it is so much easier. It tends to be a summary and even though it isnt realiable normally they have sites as references that you can go to that are. It makes a good starting point.

How can people use wikipedia as a source?

They imagine it actually has correct info. They don't bother to check a primary source and just use it as a cheap shortcut to avoid having to think about answers.If I see someone quoting big chunks... Read More »

Why do people laugh when you use Wikipedia as a source?

You should probably never use any encyclopedia as a reference. Not Wikipedia, not Brittanica. Instead, you should cite primary or secondary sources like a research paper or a textbook, depending on... Read More »

Why do people use wikipedia as a refernce source... ?

to put something on wikipedia, you must be a member and it has limited vetting and abuse report (like yahoo)academically it is frowned upon if cited as been unreliable evidence.the benefit are tha... Read More »