Why do a lot of Americans think that British food is so Bad?

Answer Probably because Americans only started to visit Britain in the 1950s, when there was still food rationing and catering was nationalised. Secondly, as George Orwell observed, you almost never find ... Read More »

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What words do Americans pronunce different to British English?

lol no Americans say cluff Here are a few:garage - US say gur-ahge, UK says gerridgeschedule - US says skedual, UK says shedualpedophile - US says peh-dophile, UK says pea-dophileroute - US says b... Read More »

What is the British name for the group of stars that Americans call the Big Dipper?

While Americans refer to the grouping of the seven stars in the constellation of Ursa Major shaped like a great ladle as the Big Dipper, the British call this part of the sky the Plough, for its li... Read More »

If I have to choose between Mongolian food or British food?

HiI would choose british food as it is what I am used too :-)Have a nice day :-)

Is British food as bad as everyone says?