Why do Wikipediots get it so very wrong?

Answer It's because they have a disability that prevents them from seeing the forest from the trees. So they get stuck arguing the most pointless trivialities while completely missing the bigger picture.I... Read More »

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Is it wrong for guys 2 like girls who wear very thick makeup?

no, not at all.... all girls need lovin........

Is it just me, or does something seem very wrong with this?

my translation:we've found out there is a girl in a mental hospital who's pregnant and everyone wants her to give her baby up for adoption. We want the baby but we don't want her in our lives. What... Read More »

What's wrong with me I've Felt very weak and tired lately I'm an athlete?

Have your parents take you to the doctor to get checked out. You may have something going on that can easily be addressed. It's better to be safe than sorry, at least you will know.

I'm 15 and today suddenly felt very weak and my vision was all blurry and discolured is there something wrong?

are you eating and drinking well? could be high or low blood pressure/ dehydration /blood sugar levels/ tiredness...- eat well, drink plenty of water and exercises to stay healthy and fit.but I th... Read More »