Why do Wikipedia administrators spend so much time on the internet?

Answer Because they're bored and stupidly doing nothing. Why you think they waste their time everybody trying to block "sockpuppets"? lmao!

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Why do hundreds of people spend their free time reverting vandalism on wikipedia. Are they bored?

No, they're operating under the misguided notion that they're actually helping to shape the most authoritative general knowledge reference.The truth is that they're participating in a gigantic MMPO... Read More »

Hi everyone. Does anyone know where can i spend my free time on the Internet?

there is a thing called stumble upon it installs a toolbar. You pick the topics you want to see websites about like arts, humor, science tech, etc. I like psychological sites. You click the butt... Read More »

Tell me how much time u spend on internet everyday?

I work via the internet, so I spend an average of between 12 - 14 hours online each day. In the recent past, it was much more! ;-)Sometimes I joke that the internet was invented just for me... I... Read More »

How are administrators appointed at Wikipedia?

They just sort of turn up, othsy, and proceed to kiss some major Wiki bottom until they get elected. The ability to write encyclopaedia articles is, of course, not important; in fact, it's a handic... Read More »