Why do We Need to Scarf Our Hair Before We Go to Sleep?

Answer Although many women tend to go to bed with their hair simply down or up in a ponytail, sleeping with a scarf in your hair can help maintain healthy hair and keep it tame. If you want to promote the... Read More »

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How to Treat Hair Before You Sleep?

Environmental stress and styling causes your hair follicles to appear dull and feel dry, as the sun, wind and cold depletes your hair's natural oils. Daily styling is also harmful to your hair's he... Read More »

Do i need to strip my hair from previous colours before i dye it the color i want?

If its orange due to bleach, then you dont need to strip it of color, but if not the next color will stick in your hair better if it's stripped first. Good luck! :)

Fragmented sleep: Need tips on how to sleep longer continuously?

Sounds simple, Google "sleep hygiene" and compare your habits to ones that induce and maintain sleep.Start a journal for about a month and document events, inluences and irritations that could awak... Read More »

How to Use a Hair Scarf?

A hair scarf is a beautiful hair accessory with many uses. Some people use a hair scarf strictly as fashion accessories, while others use it to cover up thinning hair or premature balding. No matte... Read More »